American Viral release in Indiewire!

Subway Sandwich Confessionals Now Live!

Sandwich Confessionals, the web series I wrote and directed as part of the SUBWAY Fresh Artist Series is live on the site.

Check them out if you’ve ever tried to imagine what your food might be thinking.

Saeng-Il Now Online

My last short film, Saeng-Il (Birthday), is now online. The film stars Daniel Park, Nicole Vogt-Lowell, and Tony Kim and was a recipient of the Audience Award for Best Short at the GenArt Fim Festival in 2011.

Please enjoy!



Back from North Korea

Just returned from a surprising, surreal, and thought provoking trip to the DPRK.  More pictures to come. 

Sandwich Confessionals on My Damn Channel

Two sandwich themed webisodes that I wrote and directed as part of the Subway Fresh Artists Filmmakers Series are online and ready to be consumed on My Damn Channel!

Prepare yourself for some silliness. 

Out There chosen for NYU's Purple List

Excited to announce that the script for Out There, the feature based on my short thesis, has been selected as part of NYU’s Purple List this year. So happy to share this with all of my very talented NYU friends and colleagues as well! 

Sandwich Confessionals at SXSW

Excited to head to SXSW to screen a series of  webisodes I wrote and directed as part of Subway’s Fresh Artists series. They have already  been described as having a “weird sexual vibe,” which I hope is a good thing. Subway says “every sandwich tells a story,” and apparently a BLT reminds me of TLC.  

Look out for them on My Damn Channel shortly. 

Thanks to Geoff Mansfield and Colin Whitlow for producing and the whole amazing cast and crew for making it happen!